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Digital Citizenship 

At Waterview Primary we use a digital approach in our everyday teaching, integrating technology and curriculum to support and enhance our students' learning. Teachers and students alike post products of our learning on our blogs. You can find more examples on our class or student blogs which you can access through our team portals. We therefore have a strong focus on developing digital literacy, digital citenzenship and Cybersafety. 

Digital Citizenship is a concept which helps us to understand what our children should know in order to use technology appropriately. Digital Citizenship is a way to prepare students for a society full of technology. We will continue to support students to become Super Digital Citizens by teaching cybersafety and all it entails throughout the year. We focus on 4 key areas, Privacy Rules, My Online Community, The Key to Keywords and Cyberbullying. We hope that students will become aware of their digital footprint and what impact it has, given their responsibilities as members of the Waterview Primary School online community.

Download Cybersafety student agreement

Years 1-3  Years 4-6

Become a digital citizen with these online games and activities.