ILE (Innovative Learning Environment)

                    FAQ SHEET

The following FAQ sheet was put together in consultation with parents, The Board of Trustees, The Principal and Teaching Staff at Waterview Primary. We hope you find it useful in answering any questions or queiries you may have in regards to the new ILE (Innovative Learning Environment) at Waterview Primary. 

Now that stage 1 and 2 of the new school has been completed, Waterview has become an Innovative Learning Environment (ILE). 

What does an ILE look like?

* There are large spaces with 3 break out area and 3 teachers, very different from a single classroom classroom that most of us are use to.

* Every child will have a home room teacher who will be you and your child's first point of contact. This can be done via email or in person.

What are the advantage to working in an ILE?
* Teacher Collaboration - Teachers will work together as a team and are encouraged to learn from each other, building and utilizing each others strengths. Teachers will also do their weekly planning together to make sure that students get the best teaching.

* Student Collaboration - with a wise range of students at varying levels, there are many opportunities to learn from each other. Students are encouraged to share ideas and support one another. Positive social skills are ancouraged and are based on the school's PB4L values.

* Digital Technology - In all hub, they will have a range of digital technologies to help support learning and enhance teacher.

How do we cater for different learning needs?

* Each student has access to three teachers who support learning needs. They also have support from other students.

* The various breakout rooms in the hub have specific expectations on how they are used. Students can choose the space the best suits their learning style. For example, reading may be done in silence in the library area, or with a friend in a break out space. Teachers could use the smaller breakout rooms for lessons with small groups so there is less distraction for the group.

How do the teachers share assessment data?

* The progress of each child can be discussed between teacher more frequently in team meetings. Data can be stored electronically to enable easy access for all hub teachers. Data will also be placed on Hero and parents will have ongoning access to see how there child is going.