The Waterview Board
The Waterview Board

From the left: Margi Watson, Emma Henshaw, Louise Taylor, Surya Fullerton, Helena Thompson-Faiva and Brett Skeen

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Board Of Trustees
Board Of Trustees

From the left: Margi Watson, Emma Henshaw, Louise Taylor, Surya Fullerton, Helena Thompson-Faiva and Brett Skeen

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Board Of Trustees
Board Of Trustees

From the left: Margi Watson, Emma Henshaw, Louise Taylor, Surya Fullerton, Helena Thompson-Faiva and Brett Skeen

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The Waterview Board
The Waterview Board

From the left: Margi Watson, Emma Henshaw, Louise Taylor, Surya Fullerton, Helena Thompson-Faiva and Brett Skeen

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Waterview Board

The role of the Board is governance, not the day-to-day running and management 

of the school. The Board are elected every 3 years and consists of 4 parent-elected members, 1 staff-elected member and the Principal. The Board may also co-opt members to ensure that the Board has the necessary range of skills.


The Board is accountable for student progress and achievement. It provides the strategic direction for the school through the Charter (a long term plan, an annual plan and student achievement targets). It also sets policy, provides a framework in which the Principal manages the school, complies with Ministry of Education (MOE) legal requirements, employs the staff, is responsible for the health and safety of the site, property, finances and self-review.


The Principal is a member of the Board and contributes to governance but is also responsible for the day-to-day management the school, implementing policy, the charter and directed by the Education Act to manage the school as he/she sees fit.


Board meetings are public meetings. Members of the public are welcome to attend but may not speak without prior permission from the Board Chair. If you would like to address the Board you must first speak to the Board Chair who can be contacted through the Board office.


Board minutes are placed after on the BOT noticeboard in the office foyer, once they have been approved at the following meeting. The Board endeavors to send a Board newsletter home with students after each Board meeting with an update on Board matters.


No one individual has authority to speak on behalf of the Board, without delegation. Any matters for the Board or questions related to Board business should be directed to either the Principal or the Chair.  

More information on the role of the Board is available here:

Current Waterview Board Members


Chairperson :    Margi Watson                   Parent Elected Rep


Members :         Helena Thompson-Faiva  Parent Elected Rep

                          Louise Taylor                    Parent Elected Rep

                          Surya Fullerton                 Parent Elected Rep

                          Tuvira Taulealea               Staff Rep

                          Brett Skeen                      Principal


Meetings begin at 4:30 PM in the staffroom. Dates for each meeting will be posted on the website and app when applicable.


Current Board Members


Principal Brett Skeen

Kia Ora it is my privilege to lead the dedicated, passionate and talented team at Waterview Primary. We are committed to providing all children with the opportunity to reach their full potential enabling them choice in their future where their dreams become achievable and real.

 Waterview staff are a part of every student’s family and work collaboratively to help your child’s learning. We encourage all families to be a part of “school life”.

Helena Thompson-Faiva

Talofa Lava, Malo e lelei, Hello

My name is Helena Thompson-Faiva, I am first generation New Zealand born Samoan, and my husband Christophur also a first generation NZ born of his tongan descent. We have one son currently attending Waterview Primary, Isaac (Piwakawaka) and an older Son Malachi who love his time at Waterview and finished in 2013. I am a senior medical laboratory scientist at LabPLUS Auckland City Hospital in the Virology/immunology department. My passion is autoimune serology. I am currently the NZ representative for the RCPA Serology Advisory Committee. My values include that of respect, honesty, integrity and family. I have a strong understanding of a team dynamic as previously coaching, representing and captaining various women's football teams throughout the years. My husband currently co-coaches Isaac's U7 rippa rugby team at Ponsonby. This is my first time applying for a Board of Trustees positions. As a proud pacific woman and mother I believe in ensuring the needs and interests of all our community are sort, listened to and acted upon. I am also a strong believer in the effective partnership between school and home, with strategies to help engage and equip parents to provide ongoing support for our children to succeed. With our growing school roll the diversity of the student base is clear and to understand and represent that diversity on the board is vital. I perceive my cultural background as a personal strength and standing alongside that I further believe my work ethic, value set and life experiences will make me a valuable contributor to the schools Board of Trustees.

If I were successful in gaining a position on the Board I would do my very best to ensure our children at Waterview Primary are learning in a safe and fun place, are exposed to, appreciate and understand the diverse cultures represented in our community and leave with a strong foundation of knowledge and social skills to enable them to transition to secondary school and beyond.

Faafetai lava, Malo 'aupito, thank you very much.

Louise Taylor

Hello, my name is Louise Taylor and I am the mother of Zoe Aldworth (Kiwi) and Baxter Aldworth (Piwakawaka). My husband Winston and I moved into Waterview 10 years ago, just before Zoe was born and love the area and the community here. I would enjoy the opportunity to be involved in the direction and oversight of Waterview Primary School as a member of the Board of Trustees. With a legal background, I've spent most of my career in aviation and have recently joined Air New Zealand as a manager. My experience in business and management has given me skills that would be useful on the Board of Trustees.

Surya Fullerton

My name is Surya and I’m a new addition to the Waterview Primary School BOT. Together with my wife Fleur we have three boys. Kian (7) Piwakawaka, Leith (5) Tui and Micah (4) at Waterview Kindergarten. We have lived in the Waterview area for over 12 years and love what the school and community have to offer. Other than being a vested parent I have been an active member of the Waterview School PTA for the last 18 months.

Together with excellent teachers and great management I believe that the interior and exterior environment that our children learn, grow and play in are a cornerstone to their success as students.

Our school is entering another period of development with significant construction work due to commence in the coming year.

I am a Senior Architect at a medium sized firm with broad experience in all sectors within the industry. Historically this has included working with the Ministry of Education on primary school projects. For this reason, I put my hand up to help.

Outside of work and general life admin you’ll likely find me at the skatepark with the boys or getting amongst the outdoors.

Tuvira Taulealea

Kia ora, ko Tuvira (Vera) tōku ingoa.I am the office manager here at Waterview School and also have the privilege of being the Staff Elected Board Member. I have whānua ties to this school with having my granddaughter, two nieces and two nephews that are current students. I look forward to supporting the staff here at Waterview School and supporting all students learning and working closely with whānau. Faafetai lava

Margi Watson

Tēnā koe, ko Margi Watson tōku ingoa. I love Waterview, our community and our school. I am honoured to be a parent-elected trustees for the 4th consecutive election. I have been the Chair of the Board of Trustees since 2010 and have helped guide the school through its full rebuild and transition into a MLE. My focus has always been on ensuring that all students get a great education at our school, experience lots of new things, learn lots, are happy and make some friends. The Board is also responsible for setting the direction of the school, meeting its legal obligations and being a good employer.

Outside of school, I work in other governance roles. I represent Waterview on the Albert-Eden Local Board of Auckland Council and have provided significant input into the Waterview Tunnel project and the design and funding of Waterview Reserve as well as lead the parks, events and leases portfolios. I have been an elected trustee on the Portage Licensing Trust since 2016. My background is as a nurse and I am appointed by the Minister of Education onto the Board of Northern Health Schools which teaches over 1,000 children, who are either physically or mentally unwell to attend their own school, including those children who are in Starship Hospital.

Our family live in Waterview and both my children attended Waterview School.

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