Offical MoE Cohort Dates

2020 mid- term dates for schools implementing cohort entry


Term 1          Start of Term Date           Mid Term Date*                        End of term Date

One              07/02/2020**                   09/03/2020                               09/04/2020


Two               28/04/2020                     02/06/2020 (Tuesday)               03/07/2020


Three            20/07/2020                     24/08/2020                                25/09/2020


Four              12/10/2020                     16/11/2020                               18/12/2020

* The mid-point of each term will be the Monday nearest to half way between the first and the last day of the term. If the Monday falls on a public holiday the next working day will be used as the mid-term date.

**The date used for the first term is the latest possible term start date. Even if your school uses an earlier start date than the day after Waitangi Day, or finishes before the latest possible end date for Term 4, the mid-term dates will apply for the purposes of a cohort entry policy.

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