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Team One Blog Portal


How to comment to a blog

1. Click on your child's class number. This is your child's class blog which shares their learning experiences in the classroom with you. 


2. Select one post to read.


3. Click on "No comments" or "comments" just under the post and a box will pop up.


4. Write a comment about the work posted in the box and finish by writing your name so we can identify you. 


5. Under this box it will ask who you are commenting as - choose Google account.


6.  Click Publish


7. It will now take you to a new google window and ask you for an email address and password for added security for our students.

Use Email: parents@waterview.school.nz    password: waiparents

Or you may use your own Gmail account


8. Now it will take you back to your comment and ask you to type in a code to prove you are not a robot.


Commenting Success! Your comment will be visible after a teacher has moderated it. 


What makes a great comment

We encourage students, parents and community to comment on student and class blogs with positive feedback. Never underestimate the value of connecting with students about their writing and encouraging their response. Happy Blogging Everyone!


Some tips for writing quality comments :

1. Compliment the writer in a specific way.

2. Add new information.

3. Make a connection.

4. End with a Question.

5. Proof read your Comment.